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Where Are Your New Year Resolutions Today?

Another year has past and here you are. Did you make your New Year resolutions? Sure you did, almost all of us did!

Now let me ask you another question. Can you name your resolutions? Where is that little piece of paper?

The problem with New Year resolutions is that people just write them down as though it was a wish list. There is no conviction to the words written down, no planning and worst no follow-up. You should make plans following your resolution. Plan, and seek the achievement.

Do something about it NOW if you really want to accomplish your goals. There is no such thing as you can only start on a new year, on a new month or at the beginning of a week. It’s just an excuse to escape over and over again. Start on your goals today, don’t wait until tomorrow, because you know they say tomorrow never comes.

The difference between happiness, success or failure, is only a mindset away. We are a direct result of what we think in our mind. The choice is up to you. Change the way you think you will change yourself. You will never be more than your self image.

So, every thought we think has an impact on us. We respond to our negative thoughts and to our positive thoughts. If you have a history of failing to live up to your own expectations, your memories are loaded with negative programming.

Every single thought will affect us directly. We will respond to our thoughts whether it is a positive one or a negative one. So why not choose to think positively? If you have a history of failing, then your mind will program you to think that you will fail. You need to change that immediately!

Believe in yourself and your abilities and your life will begin to improve. Eventually, people will respect you. Your motivation and also enthusiasm will dramatically increase. Some people may find it easy to change while others not. It is entirely up you.

So go! find that paper with resolutions. Stick it on your fridge. Every 2 weeks you should take notice where you stand and your progress. As you start to check them off as COMPLETED you will feel like on top of a mountain!

This is a great way to use the MindZoom program. Create the affirmation files to reinforce your resolutions and have them running on your computer, so any time you use it, they will be there to help you achieve your goals.

You definitely can succeed. Just plan and MAKE THE EFFORT. So do not wait until next new year just start taking action now!

Dino Ruales

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