We would like to thank all of our customers who have shared with us their feedback on how MindZoom has helped them achieve their goals. Following are just a few of the testimonials we have received.

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All testimonials are unrequested and voluntarily sent by the user. They represent the user's individual experiences and opinions.

"Hi Dino, I just wanted to thank you for creating the Mind Zoom software. As professional musician and new music therapist, I've been recording and mixing my affirmations with recorded sounds and binaural tones for years but I've been wanting to recommend a Simple and cost effective way for others to create their own high quality affirmation recordings and You have created just that! Thank you"

Danielle P. - TX, USA

"I wanted to write to you and say thank you. Thanks to the software I've stopped smoking and now I'm working to remove another of my bad habits. Thanks!"

Norman K. - Sydney

"I have been using Mindzoom for years now actually, from when it was launched. I am one of the top sports hypnotists in the country and use it to actually make my subliminal audios for my sports clients all of which are custom made. The results are extremely positive. Whenever, I use it on my personal laptops, one for business and one for personal use it works. I also even included a link to your site for my clients and advise them that if they are serious about their sport to purchase it to get those results. Great product and the updates are fantastic."

Jack Nicholais - Leading Sports Hypnotist (www.ussportshypnotist.com)

"I tried many things before now, for 30 years to improve my social status, that was the lower. For sure, I can affirm MindZoom gives me the biggest improvement about my life. Slowly, it works to change my psyche, day by day. I have more confidence and my temper slowly changes in better way. Me and other people are more compliant; empathy develops new social skills, relationships and friendships. I found the best way to use MindZoom is using the following settings: each message displaying every 4 seconds, for 10 mills. I strongly recommend this software to boost your skills. Many thanks to Dino for his precious work."

Enzo. - Italy

"I use the software constantly, it works! my best invested money."

Luis S. - Uruguay

"I've been using it for some time with great results, specially when I need a confidence boost, I run some confidence affirmations for a few days and get strength out of nowhere."

Paul N. - NY, USA

"Thanks Dino for helping me out on getting Mindzoom up and running after my computer crash, quick and accurate! One happy customer :). Sincerely."

Mark Benson - Sydney, AU

"Just wanted to send a quick thank you message. Mindzoom is living up to my expectations, so easy to use and I started to see results quickly. Take Care!"

Chris Joyle - London, GB

"Hi Dino,
Guess what, Mindzoom is working Great and I love it! Thanks so much for being there to help. You have a great product.
Have a great day"

Dawn - Minnesota, US

"I've been using mindzoom to enhance manifestation and law of attraction. I just had a wonderful surprise. Thks to you all @ mindzoom."

Gaby Mercer - New York

"Hey Dino, Just a quick thank you for the software. I've only had it 5 days, and I am already seeing dramatic results. I spent a lot of time on the computer before getting it, now I never want to get off. It's amazing that something so simple could be so effective. I couldn't have spent my money on anything better. Keep up the good work!"

Nick Strachan - New Zealand

"Dino. Thank you so much for your input on how to setup my affirmations. It is really so easy to use and I plan on having it as an eternal running tool on my computer :) Take care!"

Nora Whelan - Melbourne

"This program is incredible. I love it! It is so much fun, and so easy to use. Anyone interested in restructuring their neurological pathways by allowing subliminal affirmations to enter their minds as they work or play on their computer could not find an easier program to use than this! It comes already loaded with tons of canned affirmations and even allows you to make your own affirmations files as well! The thing I really appreciate about it is that the program even offers an ultrasonic audio programming function as well. WOW! If you are looking for an affirmations program, I am sure, you could not find a better one than this. I am already noticing results....amazing! This testimonial is voluntarily given."

David Greenacre - Montreal

"Dino, I had done some study on subliminal stuff a while back and had it on my list of things 'to do' at some point. I ordered mindzoom and followed your instructions. I have to prepare to do a bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis (MS 150 in a coupe of months), which is a tough two day ride of over 150 miles. So far I have kept to my training schedule for over a month now, with no missed sessions. For whatever reason - it works. Those times when normally you would just skip training because you were tired etc. I seemed to have the internal will to get it done, without 'forcing' myself. Excellent program, easy to use, customizable. Thanks again."

David Simpson

"I just wanted to thank you for the advice on how to work my affirmations with MindZoom given me a couple months ago. Since following your instructions I have been improving my confidence at work and setting myself new goals. Thanks a lot!"

Jeff Berg

"I ordered the mindzoom software a few months back and I'd just like to mention how delighted I am; even now. I'm on my second mission, to stop smoking and I hope to carry on at a slow pace. The first one was to drop some weight and the affirmations helped me a lot. I'm telling every one about MindZoom, this time I'm happy to share my secret :)"

Margaret Simpson

"This software just Amazed Me! I swear I was skeptic at first but reading through it all made sense! I was seeking to improve my sports abilities, so I put it to the test and straight down I've been getting better and better."

Paul Gilbert

"I received MindZoom and started the very next day. Haven't been able to challenge my existing beliefs. I was feeling so down I really didn't expect much from anything anymore. Until I made my own affirmation set with MindZoom. I called it Depression Buster.. On the second week of using it I noticed I was not feeling discouraged anymore. I don't know how but I started feeling a sense of joy, out of nowhere! I can only thank you, I suddenly found out I have a life ahead. Thanks Again."

Martha N.

"Hi Dino, I have just finished my 3rd week using MindZoom. Beautiful work. I have already used affirmations to enhance my sex life, Wow I am very happy and my wife also! (she doesn't know what i've done lol). Thanks my man!"

John Garnic

"I don't know exactly how subliminal messaging works, but I will say this..

All my life I've had an entrepreneurial spirit, It's always been my dream to work for myself. I've probably started 20 business or more in my life (I'm 34 now). About half of them failed, costing me thousands. About half of the rest broke even or made a little money. Nothing even approaching being able to live on.

In 2006 started working at affiliate marketing and by January 2007 I was making about $250 a month.

Later in 2007 I bought the mindzoom program, which sends subliminal audio and visual messages to you in the corner of your computer screen while you work. It comes with some messages pre-loaded, but you can define your own messages as well.

Well, in march 2007 (not quite three months later), I was able to quit my job. And now, I make almost half as much every month as my yearly salary was at my 9 to 5 job. Was it the subliminal messages? Was it just that my business was about to take off anyway?

I don't know. lol. But I do know that I tried a different goal in the last two and a half months for diet and weight loss, I've lost 15 pounds without really trying, the inner motivation is just there.

I have no frickin clue. but i like it! lol. "

Melanie - California, US

"Hi, I have been using MindZoom for 2 months now and I have lost 20 lbs so far. I have 40 more to go and my goal is summer. Let me know when you are ready to release a new version or maybe new affirmation files we could download?. Until then, I send you my regards. Thank you so much, my eating habits are changing due to a new conscience."

Betty Howery

"On October I will be celebrating 3 months of not smoking anymore thanks to MindZoom. I feel healthier now. Some times I feel cravings, but I just pop on the software an gradually they go away. I am puttin my effort also, I realized I can do the things I propose to. Receive lots o' hugs!"

Lony Heidlemann

"Thank your for great work! I've been using MindZoom and I know that my concentration and focus is much better, it will make a huge difference in my life. I look forward to set new targets. Many thanks to you."

Richard Anderson

"Just a short note for Dino and staff to let you know that I am very happy with the product I recently purchased from mindzoom.net"

George Arias

"We where struggling a bit to find a balance from work and time off. We have tried different things, even Hypnosis, We love to work together and sometimes we are exhausted. We ordered MindZoom and set some affirmation files to improve our business inspiration and to help us with stress as well. We love it because we don't need to dedicate extra time, that makes it better than hypnosis. Thanks!."

Jay and Teri Watson

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