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Black and White. Good and Bad. Positive and Negative. No in-betweens. Choose one or choose nothing at all. Same way goes for our subconscious. The messages we tell ourselves assert the way we tend to live our life.

Having a goal or a dream is normal for people. Wanting to be successful in a certain career is determined through the way we act and think.

Our subconscious picks up the random thoughts that linger in the back of our minds, a simple warning, even a meager word. Your thoughts should be focused on what you want to achieve in life. Daily recognition of what you want to attain will eventually lead to reaching your goal. Always be conscious of your thoughts. A plain negative idea can turn into a problem, which can lead into the demise of your dreams.

Given the fact that a person is optimistic, the possibility of attracting good things is very likely. An optimist normally has good faith in himself and others. The positivity a person exudes is picked up by his subconscious therefore pushing him to reach his goals and dreams further. Having the drive to push yourself more can aid you to reach your target. Having a positive attitude and thinking good thoughts can change your outlook in life, giving you more reason to be happy.

Thoughts give you a boost of energy. If you think of a positive outcome for your idea constantly, it will come back to you in a similar way. The way we look at life or the way we feel about a certain idea generates energy. It is a fact to say that a positive idea equals a positive result. Similar to this, negative outcomes is a result of negative thoughts.

It is possible for a person to influence others with his way of thinking. A morose attitude can affect other people's way of thinking especially in a tight group. The way we act and speak manipulates people into thinking the same way. The saying "Action speaks louder than words," is thrown around so often, people forget it is real. Perceived as being judgmental (or not); a person eyes and is relentlessly eyed unconsciously. Simple gestures may mean a lot for others. Raising an eyebrow may seem casual to you but another person may perceive it as rudeness. Words uttered greatly affect the subconscious of those around you. It triggers the mind and it subliminally stores supposed message. A person as a whole, converses something to somebody. The tiniest facial expression or slightest change in the tone of your voice can establish a positive or a negative outcome for others.

Aiming to be positive produces constructive results for your advantage. Wouldn't you rather be in a position where you can achieve all your goals rather than be on the losing and sulking end?

Grasping success or accomplishing even one goal, depends on how we handle our mental and emotional ability. Take charge of your thoughts to be able to take responsibility of reality. What you see outside is equal to what you feel inside---nothing in the middle.

Dino Ruales

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