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Feel wealthy, become wealthy.

Who doesn't want to be wealthy? Everybody needs money may it be for power, to ease financial worries, or maybe just mere necessity. In our mostly capitalist world, without it, we cannot afford our needs and of course, our wants. But why is it that a big percentage of the world's money belongs to only a small percentage of the world's population? Is this just a mere accident, or did these people win the lottery and are lucky in gambling? No, the real wealth owners do not rely on chance to acquire riches. Do you think you are wealthy now? Your answer should always be Yes! In acquiring wealth, one must think that he or she can create wealth. Never underestimate the power of the mind. If you tell yourself over and over again that you are creating wealth in your life, you will be a magnet for it.

If you are a positive thinker, you can strategize better. If you're a negative thinker, you can no longer focus on how to achieve things because you are preoccupied with your feeling of being unlucky or simply feeling that you don't have what it takes. A positive thinker can plan out on how to achieve his goals and aspirations. If you believe that you can do it, you will.

One best way to use the power of your mind is by using visual aids. Visual aids can help you to inform your brain of what you really want. Then you tell yourself that you can achieve these things. Yes, if you believe you can create wealth in your mind then you can create wealth. Plan it out, think straight.

Affirmations help you on your way to materialize your goals. The part of “believing” is reinforced every time you assert to yourself what you want. And affirmations are just that: positive assertions to your mind, that what you want is happening now. While your beliefs start to change you will feel the motivation to act toward your goal. New ideas to shorten the time to accomplish your goal will pop-up every day, guaranteed!

If you want to earn more, you must seek higher learning. The more you learn, the more the options for you. Focus on a couple of things and enhance your skills or knowledge on those then expand your expertise. Be a master or an expert of your chosen field and you will be recognized for that. It will need an effort from you to gain the fame and of course with it, the money. You can't just simply get wealth by not doing anything. You need to act and believing that you're doing the right thing with your heart and mind.

You have to be equally motivated as educated. Seeking higher learning to reach your ultimate dream of creating wealth is not enough if you are not motivated enough to take that step or take that giant leap of faith. Take failures as your own success. In failures you learn something and that adds up to your knowledge as well. Don't look back at failure and hesitate to take that plunge again. Remember, most of the richest people took the plunge at least once in their life. You'll never know what you can achieve if you'd just dip your toe in the water. You must take the plunge after you've tested the water. If things end up as a failure, take it. Then, figure out what went wrong. To really learn from your mistakes is key to never make the same mistake again. Learn and value your mistakes as you never would reach the top if you won't fall a few times.

Dino Ruales

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