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Book recommendation: Reality Creation Secrets.

I am constantly scouting the Internet for new information and tools of self improvement. Recently I discovered a piece of information that from the first moment caught my attention.

Many years ago I asked a very knowledgeable friend, what he thought of the notion of coincidental events in our universe. He thought for a second and told me: "The universe's -machinery- doesn't have coincidences. It's all energy ruled by laws of probability at the quantum level, but combined form the "cause and effect" behavior we perceive. Coincidences are linked effects coming from a determinable cause. The problem is that we think we are effects of mysterious causes, instead of being the cause of our existence. What are you, cause or effect?" Wow! that answer blew me away, and not to say that simple sounding question he left for me to think over. After that eye opener I knew more and more questions will keep arising.

One best way to use the power of your mind is by using visual aids. Visual aids can help you to inform your brain of what you really want. Then you tell yourself that you can achieve these things. Yes, if you believe you can create wealth in your mind then you can create wealth. Plan it out, think straight.

Now I found one of the best sources to answer those questions. I'm talking about Enoch Tan's book:

Reality Creation Secrets

I was amazed to see how Enoch touched many subjects I had in mind without resolution.

I'm a firm believer that we create our own reality. The things we believe in eventually form the reality in which we live. Reality Creation Secrets is an enlightening book that reveals the details and inner workings of what goes on when you experience your reality. It will show you how to control your own reality, how to manifest your desires, how to achieve wealth and abundance.

This book consists of a step-by-step guide to understand and help you truly create the reality you desire.

Some of the things you'll learn about are:

  • How coincidences are created by your intent.
  • Why emotion is key to manifest intention.
  • How the Law of Attraction works.
  • Being in control of your reality at all times.
  • You can change the future, but you can also change the past!
  • Be successful in everything you do.
  • How energy and vibration frequencies shape the world we experience.

If you're truly interested in enriching your life through a more desirable reality, this book is for you. To have this program in your hands in less than 30 seconds, simply go to:

Reality Creation Secrets

Dino Ruales

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