90 minutes of professionally recorded nature sounds.
If you order today all 10 mp3 files for only $12.00 (order later for $24.00)

Ideal for mixing subliminal messages using the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer.

Warning: These sounds are so calming that you can doze into a deep relaxing state. Recommended for listening at home.

What's included:

The Forest (3 files. Length: 30 minutes)

Imagine yourself in the rain forest. Birds and crickets singing, the wind blowing through the trees, water is running on a nearby creek. Then transport yourself to a city park. The wind blows, birds fly by you, some cars pass by and you are sitting on the green grass looking at the blue sky.

Wind and Rain (4 files. Length: 40 minutes)

Rain is one of the most relaxing sounds nature has to offer. Imagine a cloudy sky and soft rain falling while you are comfortably sitting beside the window. Then a gust of wind blows and wind chimes offer a relaxing sparkle sound at the distance.

Soothing Water (3 files. Length: 30 minutes)

Listen to a creek with water flowing gently making endless twists and ripples. And then picture yourself at the beach, right in front of the ocean, no more than the breeze, waves and you.