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Welcome Bitcoin Users

We are excited about this new revolution called Bitcoin, so we now accept it as a form of payment. We know the enormous potential of bitcoin and hope it helps to make payments easier than ever.

For a limited period of time we will be offering a 25% discount when you buy the Mindzoom Software using Bitcoin

What is Mindzoom?

Mindzoom is a software that uses the power of positive affirmations to influence our behaviour in a positive way.

Our actions are based on our belief system. If we trully believe something it's possible that our actions align toward that belief. The problem is that out mind has many limiting beliefs. When we pursue a goal, frequently appears an internal voice telling us something like "It's not possible", "you can't do it..", "It's too difficult...", "Let it go...". Many times we don't realize our own mind discourages us. How many times have you left something undone?

Positive affirmations help us, with preseverance and repetition, to mold our mindset into believing in our desires and capabilities, and helping us achieve our objectives. Mindzoom delivers a special ingredient: it sends affirmations to our mind subliminally. This way our conscious mind doesn't block them.

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What is Bitcoin?

Check out this video explaining Bitcoin

How to pay with Bitcoin?

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